Pet Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services in Urbana, IL

Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to care for your pet’s complete health care needs.

Pet Anesthesia Service Image

Pet Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Beaumont Animal Clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for your pet’s benefit. These advanced services allow us to identify your pet’s health issues and provide the most effective symptom relief by addressing the underlying cause. To schedule an appointment, please call 217-367-1187 or click here.

Pet Radiology

Digital radiology is used at Beaumont Animal Clinic. Digital radiology is cutting-edge technology that allows us to provide your pet with the highest-quality internal imaging services available. We can quickly assess your pet’s condition thanks to digital radiology. The advantage of having digital images is that we can quickly email them to radiology specialists for second opinions and even send you copies for your own records.

In-House Pet Laboratory
Serum chemistry, haematology, serology, urinalysis, and parasite testing are all available in our in-house laboratory. In most cases, our in-house laboratory allows us to provide results quickly. We also use commercial veterinary laboratories for specialised diagnostics and consultations for your convenience.
Specialist Services
Because of our relationships with local veterinary specialists, we can help you set up a referral appointment for your pet when the severity of their condition necessitates the involvement of a specialist. For your convenience, we can schedule in-house ultrasounds such as abdominal ultrasounds, ECGs, heart ultrasounds, and cardiac assessments.